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Alligator Slim and His Snazzy Jazz Band

With a text that flows like the lyrics to a great song, and lush, atmospheric illustrations that bring the characters to life, the second of Alligator Slim's adventures helps even the youngest of fans see themselves in this story of acceptance and overcoming prejudice. Alligator Slim and his jazz band have played themselves out—so it's back to the swamp for Slim. His band has decided to take a break, enjoy time with family, and in one year meet again to make more movin', groovin' music. As Slim heads back to the big city, someone catches his ear. It's a croonin' baboon! Slim brings Baboon Crooner with him to meet his friends and join the band. When it's time for the band's first performance with their newest member, she's not what the audience expected! Will they accept Baboon and her oh-so-smooth croons?