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What a Cold Needs


Author: Barbara Bottner

Illustrator: Chris Sheban

Genre: Picture Book

Target Ages: 4-8

Publisher: Neal Porter Books

Publication Year: 2019


It's the season of sniffles, the beginning of that time of year when many children battle colds, including the protagonist of What a Cold Needs.  As the story opens, she's obviously miserable, but by the end of the book, as she gets all the helpful things that a cold needs, that red nose is gone, and she's back to her usual, fun self and even ready to help a family member get what he needs when the sniffles stifle him.


What a Cold Needs is like "Grandma's famous chicken soup"— warm and delightful, full of what will make you feel better.  Barbara Bottner and Chris Sheban's cheery book would make a nice addition to any bookshelf and medicine cabinet alike!



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Hello Lighthouse


Author & Illustrator: Sophie Blackall

Genre: Picture Book

Target Ages: 5-8

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publication Year: 2018


Sometimes you see a book and put it on your list, and it takes you a while to finally buy it or check it out.  Then it sits on your stack until you finally get around to reading it.  This was the case for Hello Lighthouse for me, and I'm glad I finally read it— it's a great book!


Sophie Blackall's 2018 Caldecott-winning Hello Lighthouse is a treat for readers, a quiet narrative that details the duties of lighthouse keepers, those men and women of past eras who tended to lighthouses.  Her illustrations are colorful and elegant, and every part of the book adds to its charm, including the endpapers and a surprise gatefold page.  And Blackall's lengthy "About Lighthouses" author's note is a bonus.  For those with an affinity for the sea, this book will become a quick and lasting favorite!



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