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The Impossible Mountain


Author and Illustrator: David Soman

Genre: Fiction Picture Book

Target Ages: 3-8

Prime Audiences: Adventurous Children Who Love the Outdoors

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Publication Year: 2021


When Anna and her brother Finn climb the high stone wall of their village, they see the Mountain and the beautiful world around it.  Soon they are walking through the gate of the village to climb the mountain, despite the fearful warnings of those in the crowd, bravely into the unknown.  Their goal: go through the woods, past the river, and up the cliffs to reach the top of the Mountain.


David Soman's The Impossible Mountain is a wonderful adventure, and his illustrations pair well with his figurative language, such as "The stones stood in the water like a parade of turtles."  Anna and Finn face each obstacle with creativity and hope, and they are ultimately rewarded for their courage and determination.  And readers will be rewarded for travelling along with them!


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