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Got to Get to Bear's!


Author and Illustrator: Brian Lies

Genre: Picture Book

Target Ages: 4-7

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Publication Year: 2018


I discovered this gem about the power and joy of friendship while looking for a copy of The Rough Patch, Brian Lies's 2019 Caldecott Honor award-winning book.  And after I read Got to Get to Bear's!, it was an obvious pick to share! 


Got to Get to Bear's! tells the story of Izzy, a chipmunk, who gets an urgent message from her friend Bear to come to her.  Izzy immediately goes, despite the threat of bad weather, and when the snow is too much for her to overcome, Izzy is helped along the way by some other friends.  When they all get to Bear's, she has a sad look on her face— but keep turning the pages for an ending worth celebrating!



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