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And Then Comes Summer

Author: Tom Brenner

Illustrator: Jaime Kim

Genre: Picture Book

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Publication Year: 2017


Being a middle school teacher, there's an anticipation that comes for summer vacation as it nears on the calendar, and simply reading the title of the Tom Brenner and Jaime Kim's And Then Comes Summer is enough to put a grin on any student or teacher's face!  And as you read the first line, "When the days stretch out like a slow yawn," you know you're reading a book that gets what it means to relax.


And Then Comes Summer is an ode to common ways that American kids spend summer vacation, from finishing up the school year to staying up late, from running after the ice cream truck to watching Fourth of July parades and fireworks.  That grin will remain on your face as you watch the children and families enjoy themselves, giving both younger and older readers ideas on how to enjoy this year's summer vacation and nostalgia for summers past!



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