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Thank You, Omu!


Author/Illustrator: Oge Mora

Genre: Picture Book

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Publication Year: 2018


When Omu makes a pot of red stew for her dinner, the delicious smell reaches other people in her neighborhood who come by to get some for themselves!  But when Omu is finally ready to eat, there's no more stew!  Omu is sad, of course, but that's until she hears some knocking at her door…


Thank You, Omu! is a story about sharing, and Omu's generosity towards her neighbors is more than rewarded by the end of the book.  Oge Mora's cut-paper artwork adds flavor to the book (pun-intended!), and once you've finished reading, you might be finding recipes and making your own stew to savor with family and friends! 



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