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Jabari Jumps


Author & Illustrator: Gaia Cornwall

Genre: Picture Book

Target Ages: 4-8

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Publication Year: 2017


After he finishes his swimming lessons and swim test, Jabari announces he's going to jump off the diving board and that he "isn't scared at all."  But even though it "looks easy," Jabari doesn't quite make his way up the ladder to the diving board.  Fortunately, Dad is there to encourage Jabari, letting him know that it's okay to "feel a little scared."


Jabari Jumps isn't a long story, chronologically, but within it, readers get to take a big jump with Jabari, tagging along with him on his journey of courage to face a fear, leaping with him out of his comfort zone and into the thrill of doing something new and fun.    



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