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Good Morning, Snowplow!


Author: Deborah Bruss

Illustrator: Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson

Genre: Picture Book 

Target Ages: Preschool and Older

Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books

Publication Year: 2018


At the end of the day, after the sun goes down and the stars begin to shine, it's time for the town to rest— and it's time for the snow plow driver (and his sidekick canine in the passenger seat) to go to work as snow falls and covers the community in a blanket of white.  After prepping the snowplow, he begins his long route, clearing a path for the citizens who will use the roads when the new day begins.


Being a native Texan, I'm sure the idea of a thick snow is much greater than its reality, and Good Morning, Snowplow! takes its readers on a ride that shows the duty of the snowplow when the snow covers everything around.  The town, fictitious and unnamed, clearly represents a community in one of the northern U.S. states, and its hero, the snowplow, shares the spotlight with its dutiful driver (and his dog).  Fancher and Johnson's artwork pair well with Bruss's rhymes, and older readers will enjoy the author's nod to Robert Frost.  And as the years go by, when the first flakes of autumn and winter fall each year, the cover of Good Morning, Snowplow! will be opened again!



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